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Merries Diaper Pants. Size XL. 38 Sheets. 12-22 kg

SKU 2038672/ 4901301230676
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY - Only top-quality materials are used for the production of Japanese diapers; therefore, the cases of diaper rash or dermatitis are especially rare even through the baby's skin is sensitive
  • CLOSER TO NATURE - Only ecologically clean and safe materials which do not contain formaldehyde, phtalates and chlorine compounds are used in production; no unnecessary additives such as aromas or lotions
  • SOFT, FLUFFY AND BREATHING - The fabric of the internal layer felted from extremely thin fibers is very soft, fluffy and absorbs liquid quickly; therefore, the baby's bum stays dry
  • NO "CHEMICAL" ODOUR - An exceptional feature of Japanese diapers: they have no "chemical" odour which becomes especially pungent when diapers are full
  • UP TO 12 HRS ABSORBENCY - Your baby's delicate skin is not capable enough to preserve moisture; that is why proper skincare is vital to protecting your baby's skin