Dymacare® Fragranced Bed Bath 8 wipes

by Pearmine Health

Our gently Fragranced Bed Bath wipes are a quick, safe and effective way to bath patient without using water, rinsing or towel drying. Thick and soft moist cloths with added Aloe Vera, are Ph balanced and dermatologically tested and gentle to vulnerable patients’ skin.

Our packs are designed for single-patient use, which helps to minimize person-to-person cross-contamination.  There are 8 wipes in a pack to perform a full body cleansing.

Wipes can be warmed up in a microwave/warmer for an added comfort.

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Usage Instructions

One pack is designed for use by one patient and will enable them to cleanse their entire body. Nursing staff should assist if the patient is unable to use the wipes themselves. The washcloths can be warmed or used straight from the pack. After the cleanse, allow your skin to air dry, no need to rinse off.

1. There are 8 cloths in the pack for a full-body cleaning. Use one wipe for each of the areas.
2. Clean the face, neck and hands.
3. Use one wipe for the chest area. Use another wipe to clean the back.
4. Use one wipe to clean the arm, hand and the armpit area. Repeat same for the other arm using a new wipe.
5. Use one wipe to clean each leg.
6. Use one wipe to clean groin, perineum and buttocks.

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