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Beauty Tools & Accesories

  • $1.89

    Clarisse Cotton Pads, Round, 100 Ct


    100% cotton Gentle, effective makeup removal Hypoallergenic

  • $1.19

    Leader Salon Boards, Coarse Grit. 2 boards


    Heavy, coarse file is perfect to smooth, reduce seams and shape naturals and artificial nails and tips Cushioned for better grip

  • $4.49

    Beter Beauty Care Tweezers. 1 unit


    Hair Removal Tweezers.

  • $5.09

    MON IMAGE 3 oz Travel Bottle Pack

    Mon Image

    3 oz Travel Bottle Pack

  • $1.59

    Revlon Compact Emery Boards, 10 Ct


    Perfect for your purse or travel beauty kit, our Compact Emery Boards deliver superb results—anywhere! Coarse brown side files and shapes nails F...

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  • $2.79

    Revlon Emeryl File (34510)


    Nail File. Compact. Quick, easy filing. Pointed tip gently cleans under nails. The unique material in the Emeryl file, allows you to file nails qu...

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  • $4.49

    Mundial Cuticle Nipper


    Cuticle Nipper 

  • $7.09

    Basicare Cuticle Nipper


    Basicare Precision Cuticle Nipper is durable and precise for removing excess cuticles. The sharp blades are ultra-thin to perform with advanced a...

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  • $15.99

    Revlon Cuticle Nipper (38310)


    This half jaw cuticle nipper is ideal for petite cuticles and delicate areas. Its precision-crafted blades trim cleanly and safely. Our half ja...

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  • $4.69

    Bass Brushes Nylon Scrub Gloves 100% Nylon Medium Extra Thick Bass Brushes 1 Gloves


    Hydro Gloves, Exfoliating Wet. Dry. Bath. Shower. Finest quality. try touch. Exfoliating hydro gloves. Loofa. Sisal. 100% wild boar. We at The Ha...

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  • $1.19