LOCATEL is a company of Venezuelan origin currently present in Venezuela, United States and Colombia, accumulating more than 25 years of experience in the retail business. It Specializes in health products and services.

The History

1979-1989: The company established a system of rental of medical equipment with dispatch to home and sale to retail, in a small exhibition in San Bernardino, Caracas-Venezuela. Locatel expanded operations to three stores in less than 10 years.

1994:  The concept "comprehensive medical equipment store" was developed. The organization moved its main operation to the corporate headquarters in Boleíta Norte, Caracas. It incorporated the pharmacy service, introduced new policies of global discounts, affiliation and loyalty system.

1995-1996: The company expanded affiliate benefits. The optical, clinical laboratory, self-service of OTC products (free of prescription) and photo store service was added.

1997: The customer service and physician Call Center became operational. The integral concept of Locatel was consolidated as "Health Automarket". The first model establishment was inaugurated, incorporating all the services in a local of 10,800 square feet located in the Plaza la Candelaria, Caracas.

1998-1999: Locatel increased operations under the franchise model. At the end of the Year 1999, 4 new stores (Castellana, Marron, Sabana Grande and San Antonio de los Altos) came into operation. Institutional agreements were signed for the supply of medicines at the national level.

2000: The organization inaugurated seven new establishments (Los Proceres, San MartĂ­n, BoleĂ­ta Center, Santa Paula, Parque Aragua, La Trinidad and Guatire), in Caracas and two new locations in Aragua state.

2001: Locatel´s expansion continued in other Venezuelan regions. New establishments were opened in Monagas and Anzoátegui States. Additional supply agreements were signed with different national and international institutions and companies. Locatel obtained the prize as "franchise of higher growth in investment amount" and was nominated for the awards in the categories "franchise with the highest generation of employment" and "innovative concept". It ended the year with 17 establishments.

2002: The vaccination service and the whole range of oncological products were added. Two new high-reach projects were implemented, one, the inauguration of the Locatel Auditorium, Maurizio Levy Zl and Armando Ruah Zl Halls for the Health Education of the affiliates, employee training courses, and medical forums. The Department of Nutrition was opened. Zulia and Bolivar States were incorporated into the network for a total of 21 establishments.

2004-2011: The internationalization of Locatel´s concept was produced. Stores were opened in the United States (2) and Colombia (26).

2014: The first virtual store of Locatel in Colombia started operations.

2018: Locatel opened its online store in the United States