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AIRSEP Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator 5

by AirSep


AirSep FreeStyle 5 is a full-capacity portable oxygen concentrator that may be operated from three separate power sources: your car battery, an internal lithium-ion battery or from a Universal Power Supply with 100 - 250 VAC, 50.60 Hz capability. An easy to read battery gauge light on the control panel indicates 25%-100% battery life notifications. The battery cartridge is easy to replace with another fully charged cartridge while on the go. The battery provides up to 2-1/2 hours of operation on setting 2 and recharges. With a 5-liter equivalent oxygen output in a pulse flow, the FreeStyle 5 provides oxygen therapy wherever you want to go. A 3-year warranty covers all the components, including the sieve bed.

The FreeStyle 5 offers up to 1000 mL of pulse flow oxygen. This portable concentrator is compact and lightweight for easier portability. Manufactured by AirSep, this portable concentrator is lightweight enough to carry within its carry bag or backpack. It meets FAA requirements for airline travel. It provides oxygen concentration levels up to 87 to 95.5%.

The FreeStyle 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is all about freeing you from being tethered at home to a large bulky oxygen machine or heavy oxygen cylinders. Lightweight, compact and highly portable, this concentrator allows you to leave your home or the office and get out to a more active and healthy life. The FreeStyle 5 weighs less than 7 pounds with the battery pack. Not only is the FreeStyle 5 Oxygen Concentratosimple to operate, it has easy control features and a built-in carry handle that folds out of the way. An adjustable shoulder strap is also provided to make getting around with the FreeStyle 5 even more easy and comfortable. Order your lightweight Portable FreeStyle 5 Oxygen Concentrator today! AirSep also provides the standard FreeStyle (formerly FreeStyle 3) and the microweight 1.75 pound Focus.

Note: The FreeStyle 5 is being replaced with a new model that has three upgrades. The external color is white instead of black, new power supply and new user replaceable battery pack.