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Avene PhysioLift DAY Smoothing Cream 30 ml

by Avene
SKU 2042397/ 3282770049312
Visibly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and furrows for firmer looking and more luminous skin. PhysioLift DAY Smoothing Cream is formulated with a patented combination of Ascofilline¦ to moisturize and replenish collagen in the skin, Hyaluronic Acid Mono-Oligomers (at the optimal molecular weight of Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate into the skin) to visibly plump and firm and Pre-tocopheryl for powerful anti-oxidant protection. Skin is comforted, supple and soft. For dry skn. Paraben-free Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenicAvene Physiolift Day Smoothing Cream, 1 Fl Oz