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Bioderma Hydrabio Cream 1.67oz

SKU 2044350/ 3401329447687

Generates hydration The patented biological complex Aquagenium generates intense hydration, immediately and lastingly: Vitamin PP strengthens skin resistance and impermeability Apple seed extract stimulates the activity of Aquaporins, which are the natural channels allowing water flow within the skin. The rich and creamy texture of Hydrabio Cream intensely nourishes the skin. Thanks to an emulsion inspired by the structure of the epidermis, the active ingredients of the Aquagenium patent penetrate deeply and in a more targeted manner. The skin thus regains its natural hydration capacities, for intense radiance. In a lasting way. Smoothes skin texture By eliminating dead cell and reducing progressively the corneum stratum thickness, the salicylic acid evens up and smoothes the skin, for a long-lasting radiant complexion. Prevents from premature skin ageing Vitamin E helps to protect the skin against oxidative stress and combat premature cutaneous ageing.