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Ester C 500 mg Vitamin C Vitamin Supplement Coated Tablets , stomach friendly, 90 CT

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Ester-C Tablets contain 500 mg of Vitamin C per serving and give you support you can count on all day, every day.1 A daily dose of Ester-C gets into your white blood cells and stays there for up to 24 hours, which is longer than regular Vitamin C.2 Plus, Ester-C is manufactured without chemical solvents to neutralize pH, which means it's non-acidic and gentle on your stomach

  • Maximum-strength 24-hour immune support1
  • Stays in the immune system longer than regular Vitamin C2
  • Non-acidic and gentler on your stomach than regular Vitamin C
  • 2 tablets a day is all you need
  • Free of GMOs; gluten; wheat; yeast; milk; lactose; artificial color, flavor, and sweetener; preservatives; sugar; starch; soy; fish; sodium
  • Suitable for vegetarians