Evolution Advance

Evolution Advance Nutrition Glutamine 500 mg Capsules


The formula is developed to improve your endurance, strength and avoid muscle mass loss.

  • 1000mg pure L-Glutamine designed to promote protein synthesis while assisting in repair and recovery.
  • Anabolic, anti catabolic, stimulates muscle fiber growth especially after strenuous activity.
  • L-Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in muscles. It plays a key role transporting Nitrogen to muscle cells. It may promote replenishment of muscle glycogen stores after exercise when combined with carbohydrates.
    Catabolism is the biochemical process in which complex molecules are broken down for energy production. L-Glutamine by Evolution Advance Nutrition helps enhancing the functioning of the immune system and it plays an important role in the improvement of gastrointestinal health.
    Glutamine has the ability to keep your muscle cells anabolic, meaning that it will help them to synthesise new protein. Furthermore, it's going to slow the degrading process within the muscle cells. This supplement has been linked to higher levels of human growth hormones.

  • Rapid recovery while boosting immune and digestive function.
  • Essential for those who avoid carbs, stimulating glucogenesis.
  • Increased stamina and muscle endurance.

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