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Himalaya Bacopa for Mental Alertnes 750mg

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Bacopa plant constituents support the brain's release of acetylcholine, which is vital in the process of learning and short-term memory. Bacopa also supports particular binding sites in the brain called cholinergic receptors that are associated with higher cognitive learning function and improved memory. For adults, Bacopa is also used traditionally to support focus and lack of frustration tolerance. For those seeking support of normal brain and memory function, as well as learning ability, Bacopa is history's smart choice for matters of the mind.Himalaya Pure Herbs Bacopa Mental Alertness - 60 Caplets Used in Ayurveda for centuries, Bacopa (Bacopa monniera) is included in the Brahmi category of herbs, supporting normal function of the mind, intellect, consciousness and good spirit. According to Alternative Medicine Review (March 2004), "Recent research has focused primarily on Bacopa's cognitive effects, specifically memory, learning, and concentration, and results support the traditional Ayurvedic claims." Scholars at the University


Health Concern: Cognitive Support


Caution: Keep out of direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.

This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Ingredients: <CENTER> <TABLE cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=2 width=450 border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD vAlign=top align=left><B>Himalaya Pure Herbs Bacopa Mental Alertness - 60 Caplets</B></TD></TR> <TR> <TD bgColor=#000000 vAlign=top align=left> <CENTER> <TABLE cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=1 width=444 bgColor=#ffffff border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TH vAlign=top colSpan=3 align=left><BIG>Supplement Facts</BIG></TH></TR> <TR> <TD colSpan=3><B>Serving Size: One caplet</B></TD></TR> <TR> <TD colSpan=3><B>Servings Per Container: 60</B></TD></TR> <TR bgColor=#000000> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR> <TD width=286><BR/></TD> <TD vAlign=top width=90 align=right><B>Amount Per Serving</B> </TD> <TD vAlign=top width=60 align=right><B>%DV<SUP>*</SUP></B></TD></TR> <TR bgColor=#000000> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR> <TD>Organic bacopa powder (whole plant)<BR/>(2% Bacopa saponins, 10 mg)</TD> <TD vAlign=top align=right>500&nbsp;mg</TD> <TD vAlign=top align=right>*</TD></TR> <TR bgColor=#000000> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR> <TD>Organic Bacopa&nbsp;Extract (whole plant) <BR/>(24% Bacopa saponinsi, 60mg)</TD> <TD vAlign=top align=right>250&nbsp;mg</TD> <TD vAlign=top align=right>*</TD></TR> <TR bgColor=#000000> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR> <TR> <TD colSpan=3><SMALL>*Daily Value Not Established.</SMALL></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></CENTER></TD></TR> <TR> <TD vAlign=top align=left>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR> <TD vAlign=top align=left>Additive Free. Gluten Free. Organic. </TD></TR> <TR bgColor=#000000> <TD colSpan=3></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></CENTER>


Dosage: 1.00 Caplet(s)

Instructions: Take 1 caplet per day before food.


60 Caplets
Himalaya Herbals
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
60 Caplets
Recommended Use
Take 1 caplet per day before food.
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