Invacare Dolomite Jazz Rollator Standard Height

$449.00 $514.00

The New Dolomite Jazz Rollator, a great rollator for active individuals. This new style of the Dolomite Jazz features a new frame that allows for side to side folding. This side to side folding mechanism is much easier to use than the previous model - all you have to do is pull the folding strap that's located behind the seat plate, and then push the handles inward. The seat plate and the included rollator basket will fold along with the rollator - no need to remove the basket!

The new frame also features an ergonomic design that lets you take a better, more natural position for yourself while using the rollator - this increases the comfort of the user. Plus, the gait area on the new Jazz Rollator is a little bigger than the previous model (214 in² vs 203 in²). The handles are also in a better position to promote better posture, and they have been moved 7 centimeters away from the seat plate to better prevent your knees from bumping against the seat while walking.

The braking system on the New Dolomite Jazz Rollator are very efficient and easier to use. For example, the new braking system takes less force from the user to fully apply the brakes. Plus, for better safety and a sleeker appearance, the braking cables are fully integrated into the rollator's frame.


  • Approximate user height: 4'8"-5'2" (Low) or 5'3"-6' (Standard)
  • Height adjustments: 25.6" - 31.5" (Low) or 29.53" - 39.37" (Standard)
  • New Dolomite Jazz model features many improvements over previous model
  • New frame allows for easier, side to side folding
  • Ergonomic design allows for a more natural position while walking
  • Brakes require less force from the user to make them easier to use
  • Weighs: 16.53 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs.

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