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Irwin Naturals 5-Day Liquid Weight-Loss Support Flush

SKU 2056860/ 710363597771

What if its not just excess fat making those jeans feel so tight? What if the belly bulge and bloating was something you could literally flush away”in just days”leaving you feeling lighter, slimmer and more comfortable?

5-Day Liquid Weight-Loss Support Flush* gives you a quick and effective short-term way to cleanse your digestive tract and eliminate any excess matter that could be weighing you down¦quite literally.

Specially formulated for individuals seeking quick results, this product flushes away excess waste and toxins from your colon, while hydrating the body and delivering beneficial Superfruit phytonutrients.* 5-Day Liquid Weight Loss Support Flush* is designed to leave you feeling lighter, slimmer and less bloated in just 5-days.*

  • Cleansing Blend: This powerful combination of Cascara Sagrada and Burdock Root can help you eliminate 2-3 pounds of backed up matter that may be contributing to a bloated abdomen and adding unnecessary pounds to the scale.*
  • Soothing Extract: Fennel is commonly featured in traditional formulations aimed at reducing gastrointestinal discomfort.*
  • Antioxidant & Replenishment Blend: Our exclusive blend of Superfruits delivers a wide range of beneficial phytonutrients and cell-protecting compounds.*

Just break open the convenient twist tube, then add 5-Day Liquid Weight-Loss Support Flush* to at least 16 ounces of water and enjoy the delicious mixed berry flavor while you flush away unwanted waste and toxins to help you look trimmer and feel better!*

Continued use beyond 5 days is needed to maintain the results achieved in 5 days.