Irwin Naturals Advanced Absorption Mega-B RED

by Irwin Naturals

Advanced Absorption Mega-B RED is a 2-1 formula that is not only packed with all the essential B vitamins to help you meet and exceed your daily requirements “ it also delivers a potent Nitric Oxide Boost to help optimize performance.*

Whole-Body Nutrition “ B vitamins are essential to life* and play critical roles in numerous biochemical reactions throughout the body. They are essential to metabolism, energy production, and in the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.*

Nitric Oxide Boost “ L-Citrulline is an amino acid that readily converts to L-Arginine in the body.* L-Arginine can then be converted into Nitric Oxide.* Nitric Oxide occurs naturally in the body and plays a key role in cardiovascular health.* It helps blood vessels relax and dilate, allowing more blood to flow throughout the body.*

Advanced Absorption Mega-B RED also includes nutrient-dense super foods and beneficial oils, including Beet Root, Pomegranate, Ginseng, Turmeric, Flaxseed Oil & MCT Oil.*

The fatty acids present in MCT oil are quickly absorbed and converted into cellular energy giving you advanced nutritional support to help you conquer your day.

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