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Irwin Naturals Menstrual Relief Hormone Balance

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Menstrual Relief Hormone Balance* is specially formulated for women who experience common mild symptoms associated with their monthly cycle.* This natural, plant-based formula supplies advanced nutritional support to address a wide range of hormone-related health issues.* This product covers three important areas:

  • Hormone Balance: Supports a healthy balance of female hormones.*
  • Menstrual Comfort: Helps to reduce mild symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle.* Delivers temporary relief of premenstrual and menstrual symptoms.*
  • Nourishing Herbs: Traditionally used to revitalize, strengthen and tonify the female body.*

Menstrual Relief Hormone Balance* can be used alone or in combination with our Womens Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi. While we suggest taking this product every day for maximum results, some women prefer to use it for two weeks prior to menses.* We encourage you to find what works best for your body!