iWalkFree iWalk 2.0 Hands Free Crutch


iWalk 2.0 is a Hands-Free-Crutch that is so easy to use that most people adapt within 2-3 minutes. These crutches promote greater mobility. and eliminate pain often associated with traditional crutches. The iWalk 2.0 is the latest, greatest version of the classic i-walk free. This alternative crutch is designed to allow a person with a foot or ankle injury-free use of there hands and full mobility. With traditional crutches, daily activities become more difficult to accomplish, some may be impossible. The iWalk 2.0 allows the user to be mobile, without being restricted. The iWalk 2.0 crutch makes is easy to use in person's daily life.

The iWalk 2.0 features an ergonomic shape that is easier and safer to use. Unlike the older version, the new iWalk 2.0 version has a stabilizing foot that provides more stability. The iWalk 2.0 has a stabilizing foot feature to enhance balance. The bottom of this stabilizing foot contains replaceable treads that allow you to keep your hands free without having to purchase a new crutch.

These crutches are truly one size fits most, because they adjust in thigh circumference and height. Quick release buckles are added as a safety feature on these crutches. Unlike previous models, there is no need to cut these to size. Simply use the instant push button height adjustment. Comfortable padding lines each adjustable strap.


Package Dimensions 17.2 x 8.1 x 5.4 inches
Package Weight 5.45 pounds

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