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Marela Sports Fitness Resistance Bar - Portable Gym with Resistance Bands and Bar

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Product description

Marela Sports Fitness Resistance Bar is our portable home gym with resistance bands and bar. It will be your best home workout equipment with 4 levels of resistance bands to enjoy your exercise wherever you go

Designed for Strengthening and Toning your Body

Marela Sports Fitness Resistance Bar is a Home Workout Exercise Equipment, which provides all the elements to shape your body as you wish.

High quality and lightweight aluminum bar, portable everywhere

Our Fitness Resistance Bar is manufactured to a high quality and lightweight aluminum bar to guarantee durability and comfort. Our Portable Gym Bar is easy and fast to assemble and disassemble, carry it anywhere you want to go with a travel bag for space saving.

4 Levels of Resistance, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy

Our Portable Gym with Resistance Bands and Bar is made for all fitness levels and requirements. It can be use from the beginners to high performance athletes. Easy to replace the resistance bands with different training levels. Perfect for men and women of all ages.

All-in-One Fitness Equipment, easily workout upper and lower body

Our Exercise Equipment Bar with Resistance Bands can be used for strengthening, toning, therapy, stretching, and recovery. You can work on triceps, biceps, legs, butt, abs, chest, shoulders, back and more.

What is included?
High quality Aluminum Bar
4 sets of resistance:
2 pc Light (Black 6-10 lbs)
2 pc Medium (Yellow 10 -15 lbs)
2 pc Heavy (Green 15 - 20 lbs)
2 pc Extra Heavy (Red 25 -30 lbs)
Others: 2 big straps, 1 ankled strap, 1 door anchor, 2 climbing hooks, 1 Travel Bag

We are so confident of our quality on the Fitness Resistance Bar that we offer a manufacturer guarantee; if you are unhappy with the product in any way we will replace it.
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