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Mavala Mavadry Nail Polish Finish, 0.3 oz

by Mavala
SKU 2026641/ 7618900918122
Nail Polish Finish, Mavadry 0.3 fl oz (10 ml) Manicure time-saver. Fast drying nail polish finish. Enhances colour. Drying nail polish faster? Dries polish fast. Enhances colour. After final coat of nail polish, apply one coat of Mavadry. Mavadry dries your polish instantaneously and gives brilliance to your manicure. Mavadry reduces chipping and prevents smearing and smudging. Mavadry is a toluene and formaldehyde free formula. Flammable. External use. 0.3 fl oz (10 ml) SWITZERLAND
  • Dries Nail Polish in Seconds
  • Fixator Enhancing Its Shine