Naturvital-Hair Conditioner Sage Sensitive


This hypoallergenic conditioner with biological aloe vera, wheat proteins, honey and pro-vitamin B5 provides your hair with the energy and nutrients required while moisturising and protecting it and making it brighter. It also increases the resistance of the hair fibre and improves its texture. Does not contain colourings, silicones, paraben preservatives or mineral oils. Bio-certified extract. Results: Moisturising, shine and elasticity Reduces the formation of split ends and protects from solar radiation. Keeps the hair clean longer and improves its texture and body. Aloe Vera Known and used by Roman armies and by natives of Mexico and the southern United States, it was used for healing, protecting the skin from the effects of the sun and for treating irritated skin. Aloe vera gel contains phospholipids, oligoelements, amino acids, vitamin B, squalene and saponins. In cosmetics it is appreciated for its moisturising, emollient, soothing and skin protection properties. Hydrolysed wheat proteins Cereals are the most important source of nutrients for humanity. They are characterised by the fact that the seed and the fruit is the same thing – the grains of a cereal. In cereals we can find vegetable polysaccharides, proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, gluten, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus and amino acids. In cosmetics their hydrolysed proteins are used to improve the substance of the hair. With this, the moisture retention, texture and shine also improve. They repair the keratin of the hair and strengthen it in its growth phase.

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