Naturvital-Hair Shampoo Aloe Vera - Moisturizer


This hypoallergenic shampoo with marshmallow extract and aloe vera juice is a perfect complement for daily hair washing and care, providing moisturising and nourishment. Does not contain colourings, silicones, paraben preservatives or mineral oils. Bio-certified extract. Results: Moisturises and nourishes the hair. Relieves a dry scalp. Prevents scaling. Aloe Vera Known and used by Roman armies and by natives of Mexico and the southern United States, it was used for healing, protecting the skin from the effects of the sun and for treating irritated skin. Aloe vera gel contains phospholipids, oligoelements, amino acids, vitamin B, squalene and saponins. In cosmetics it is appreciated for its moisturising, emollient, soothing and skin protection properties. Marshmallow Plant of the malvaceae family with reddish white flowers. Its leaves are oval, hairy and serrated. It contains essential acids, pectin, phytosterine, asparagine, lecithin, tannins and malic acid. In cosmetics it is appreciated because it acts as a conditioner for the hair and makes it easier to comb.

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