Naturvital-Hair Shampoo Ginseng - Revitalizing


This hypoallergenic shampoo with ginkgo and ginseng extracts is a perfect complement for daily hair washing and care, giving it greater strength and resistance. Does not contain colourings, silicones, paraben preservatives or mineral oils. Bio-certified extract. Results: Stronger hair. Increases hair resistance from the root. Freer hair, more volume. Eleuterococcus Eleuterococcus senticosus maximums is a perennial shrub that grows in the southern Far East. The extract of its roots has been known since antiquity for its characteristics similar to ginseng root. It contains eleuterosides, saponosides, glucosides and vegetable sterols. In cosmetics, eleuterococcus extract is used to strengthen the hair. Ginseng This is a herbaceous plant of the araliaceae family. Its roots contain ginsenosides, triterpenic saponosides, polysaccharides, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts. In cosmetics it is used for its anti-free radical properties in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle preparations. It is also used in treatment shampoos and anti-hair loss lotions to prevent hair loss, where it acts by stimulating growth and strengthening the hair. Ginkgo A very large tree with largely petiolate leaves, somewhat rubbery and bilobular. It is a dioecious species with discreet male and female flowers that are arranged separately. Ginkgo contains flavonoids, biflavonoids, proanthocyanidols, terpenic compounds, fatty acids, monosaccharides, alcohols, sterols and polyols. In cosmetics it is used to make body care products because of its anti-radical action promoting peripheral circulation

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