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Sangter Natural Male Performance Booster 3,000mg Tablets

by Sangter
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Sangter ★ Individual Package 3,000mg Pills, 7 per Box ★ Natural Male Performance Booster ★ Three Days Effect

  • Sangter is the most powerful and effective male energizing, 100% Natural pills of milenary herbs prepared with American Technology.
  • Sangter pills are a safe and patented selection of natural herbs known for their special properties than mixed form a powerful and effective combination.
  • It is natural product prepared by extracts of plants with aphrodisiac properties.
  • The natural energizing does not contain medications or chemical substances, so the do not generate secondary effects.

INGREDIENTS: Its main component is Turnera Diffusa Leaf (Damiana) 3000 mg , let's see right now what it is about . . .

The ancient shamans studied the properties of each element of nature, looking for remedies for suffering and evils, and among their research they found that Turnera Diffusa (Damiana) had energizing properties.  

Since ancient times the Indians of northern Mexico used it against muscular weakness and against lack of appetite. Later, the empirical and popular use of this plant as an energizer proved its great effectiveness gained fame throughout the territory and later internationally, being recognized by Mexican folk medicine as a plant with high and very effective properties against weakness.

Directions for Use:
SANGTER It is used as energizing and invigorating male. Take only one (01) pill half an hour (30 min.) before physical activity.

Do not consume more than one (01) pills per day. Consumption is prohibited for hypertensive people.