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Orlane Supradose Omega 3 & 6

by Orlane
SKU 2053728/ 3359992280004
A serum concentrated in essential fatty acids with anti-aging and nutritional properties, for all types of mature skin.

This serum has a high concentration of Omega 3 and 6, dosed with pharmaceutical rigor, to provide the skin with the correct dose of the active application after application.

These acids play an essential role in terms of skin health, since over the years they gradually disappear and we must introduce them externally, either through food or cosmetic treatments. These acids are one of the main responsible for keeping the skin elastic and nourished, and keeping the skin tissues in good condition, to avoid the appearance of signs of aging such as sagging.

With its use, the skin will appear densified, flexible, smooth and totally softened. So, day after day, the skin will regain the luminosity and youth lost over the years.