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Sunshine Naturals Collagen 1480 Mg Capsules

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Collagen is a protein necessary for the formulation of connective tissue in skin, ligaments and bones. It also enhances and supports joints. Plus Vitamin C which is essential for maintaning Collagen.
Scientists assure that aging of the skin takes place in the connective tissue of the dermis layer of the skin (70% of the proteins in the dermis are made up of collagen). The skin ages when our collagen turns insoluble. At that moment the molecules lose flexibility and the connective tissue which absorbs moisture, dries and finally wrinkles and ages.
Collagen is also found in cartilage, bones, nails and hair along with those parts of our body which take on force such as tendons. Its properties are proven to prevent cellulitis because it stimulates the function of lymphatic system, preventing the hardening of collagen, which is responsible for the "orange peel" appearance.
Therefore, it is important to supplement our diet daily with collagen.