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Youtheory Mens Shilajit Capsules

SKU 2051127/ 850502007119

powerful adaptogen.
supports the body during stress.
boosts testosterone levels already within normal range.
promotes mitochondrial function & energy.
Shilajit (shee-la-jeet) is a mineral-rich substance harvested from the Himalayan mountains of India. Shilajit offers a myriad of positive health benefits, including testosterone support. Youtheory Shilajit for Men features a patent-protected, clinically-studied and ultra-purified form of shilajit known as PrimaVie®.
Shilajit is perhaps best known for its ability to boost testosterone and promote male reproductive health.
While it contains no hormones itself, it possesses a broad range of nutrients that target the male endocrine (hormone) system to bring about positively powerful change.